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A Pen, a Pique and a Plan

Down in the Underground

Jet Wolf
9 September
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I was born. I live. I have it on good authority that I will one day die, but I remain skeptical.

I am Jet Wolf. I wander the world, largely in disgust. I like to pretend I can write. Sometimes I'm mildly amusing. Mosttimes I'm angry at something. Possibly you. I watch people. I watch them stupid. They stupid a lot. I'm too young to know better and too old to not worry about it.

If you stumble this way and, for whatever reason, find me interesting, then you are more than welcome to friend. You don't need my permission. It's entirely likely, however, that I won't immediately friend you back. Don't take it personally as it's not. Simply that I hardly have the time for the flist I have now. If I come to know you though, mutual friends ahoy! Loving circle of friendly friendness!

If you're looking for my tandem randomings about random fandomings, then stop by jw_uberfangirl. For my (mostly) non-fandom writing you want jw_4paws.

Jet Wolf mood theme – all Jet Wolf, all the time. Custom-made by mimisgrotto. Not for sharing, but since they're heads of me, I can't imagine why you'd want them anyway. Get your own heads!

Most icons made by people not-me. I have no idea who made most of them, however, so if it was you, tell me and I'll do whatever it is I'm supposed to do with them.

I spend most of my time on The Chosen.
You should spend your time on The Chosen too, so my life is validated.

Things to blame for me not writing when I should be?

City of Heroes is good for some blaming.

Or the 360. The 360 has much to answer for also.

Look, it's somebody-not-me's fault. Yeah.

Created all special-like for me by mimisgrotto – no thievery, you rogue.
Mm. Will/Tara wub. Xander/Anya snark.

Willow/Tara is love

4paws the chosen, 80s, 80s music, abfab, alan moore, ancient greece, ancient rome, angel, animal planet, animaniacs, anya, anybody but bush, aqua, arrested development, bang camaro, best week ever, bond james bond, books, btvs, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, chocolate, chris claremont, city of heroes, city of villains, classic snl, comic books, common rotation, computers, crocodile hunter, daily show, david bowie, dawn french, def leppard, dexter, digg, dirty jobs, eddie izzard, electric guitar, england, english history, environment, faith, family guy, fandom is scary, fandom_wank, fanfic, fanfiction, firefly, flying circus, freezepop, french & saunders, futurama, gabrielle, gail simone, gaming, garth ennis, giles, good television, gordon ramsay, guitar hero, guitars, harmonix, harry potter, having, hellmouths, here in my head, heroes, jeff corwin, jem, jem and the holograms, jennifer saunders, jetwolf, jon stewart, joss whedon, julie brown, just say julie, legion of superheroes, london, lsh, me, monty python, movies, mst3k, muse, music, my puppy, mythbusters, mythology, neil gaiman, netflix, nightcrawler, observing, oregon, photography, pink floyd, pop culture, portland, queen, ranting, robot chicken, rock band, rocky horror, rogue, screenwriting, serenity, shadowcat, sql, star trek, steve irwin, strangers in paradise, stumbleupon, sunnydale, tara maclay, terry gilliam, terry moore, the colbert report, the scooby gang, the west wing, the who, tiny toons, tivo, tori amos, tudors, veronica mars, vidding, video games, virtual series, wasting my time, watchmen, web junk, weird al, whedonesque, wildlife, willow rosenberg, willow/tara, wolves, writing, wry commentary, x-men, xander harris, xbox 360, xena


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